my bookshelf ~ An Orthodox Catechism

RBAP, Palmdale, CA

This hardy little book, of only 120 pages, was a gift from our Pastor, David Charles. The author, Hercules Collins, was a seventeenth-century English Particular Baptist, who adapted The Heidelberg Catechism for use by those under his care. The Heidelberg teaches Calvinistic Christian doctrine using questions and answers.

Here is the complete title and an image of the 1680 title page:

An Orthodox Catechism ~ Being the Sum of Christian Religion, Contained in the Law and the Gospel, Published For preventing the Canker and Poison of Heresy and Error

Here’s an interesting nineteenth-century summary of Collins’s life from Wikisource: Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Collins, Hercules

COLLINS, HERCULES (d. 1702), baptist minister, had not the advantage of a learned education. ‘He began to be religious at an early age, and continued faithful to the last, and was not shock’d by the fury of the persecutors.’ (Crosby, Hist, of the English Baptists, iii. 129). He appears to have officiated to a congregation at Wapping, and at one period he was imprisoned in Newgate (Wilson, Dissenting Churches, ii. 178). He died on 4 Oct. 1702, and his funeral sermon, by the Rev. John Piggott, was printed in the following year; but it contains no biographical particulars.

A hardy little book by a Christian who experienced imprisonment in Newgate Prison- one of the wonders of God’s Kingdom!

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