The Enchanted ~ Part 1

A story for you!

Faith and Imagination ~ Maria Ott Tatham

In this story of Parzival, one of Arthur’s knights, I hoped to achieve a dark fantasy that honors the Lord.

“I will renew a tale that tells of great fidelity, of inborn womanhood and manly virtue…” Parzival by Wolfram Von Eschenbach

Parzival encountered many wonders during his quest to find the Grail and to know if the things of Faith are certain—greatthings under the sun. But of all of these, none could compare with the lonely Lady whose name he never learned. For a time, he even abandoned his quest in order to guard her when she walked at twilight in the Enchanted Wood beneath the snow-clad summits of Bavaria.

To remain near her, he camped on the side of the hill on which the Castle stood that was her dwelling place. It was the lair of an Enchanter,he suspected, for at times he heard strange…

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