The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick by Richard Bennett

Patrick’s Day is coming to a close but his legacy remains . . .

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited ~ Christiana on the narrow way


March 3, 2015


“before I was humbled I was like a stone lying in deep mire…” Patrick of Ireland


Ireland has a very distinctive history. It was an island untouched by the Roman legions, and Patrick, the Evangelist, brought to it the Gospel of grace. Patrick was himself descended from a family that had been, for two generations at least, in Christ Jesus. His father, he tells us was “the deacon Calpurnius, son of the late Potitus, a presbyter, of the settlement of Bannaven Taburniae.”1 These facts are recorded in Patrick’s own testimony of faith. This authentic document is preserved in five manuscripts: one in the Book of Armagh of the seventh century, the second in the Cotton Library of the tenth century, a third in the French monastery of St. Vedastus, and two more in the Cathedral Library of Salisbury. This authenticated document is the…

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2 thoughts on “The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick by Richard Bennett

  1. What an example and an apostle was Patrick! God gave and blessed his work mightily.
    Such a shame that, as the Israelites, they decided to forsake the truth for a lie. In our modern times, the term, “Irish Catholic” is common. How God preserves His Truth and His Word is truly a miracle! Much more the miracle is that He does so through people!

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