Warnings With Teeth

Excellent approach to grasping and heeding the warning against apostasy found in Hebrews. Thanks, Dan!

The Battle Cry

by Austin Duncan


The church today is faced with the same threat that has plagued it in every age—the ever present danger of apostasy. Because this is the danger that confronted the pastor who preached the sermon recorded in the book of Hebrews, Hebrews is an instructive for pastors, as it models how we should alert our congregations of the danger or apostasy.

The cause of apostasy, according to Hebrews, is spiritual lethargy. It follows then that the best counter to apostasy to an unrelenting focus on the preeminence of Jesus. Instead of launching new programs, asserting initiatives, and attending to church growth trends, the preacher serves his congregation well when he invites his church to consider afresh the glories of Christ revealed in Scripture.

But effective warnings against apostasy are more particular than simply proclaiming the glories of Christ. I say “more particular” because the author takes the glories…

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4 thoughts on “Warnings With Teeth

  1. Today I was thinking that there is a great need for each church to have a discernment department with members who know their scriptures and are able to point out in scriptures the errors of teachings found in Men’s and Ladies’ Bible Studies and Sunday school and books that congregants might read…the list is endless. Thing is, denominational thought might color the discernment. May God grant us all a greater love for the truth of His Word!

    God’s blessings be yours, Maria! \o/

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