6 thoughts on “A word in season – Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

  1. Maria,
    I just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas. May you all be blessed and may the New Year bring all of you joy, happiness, and peace. Love and God Bless, SR

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  2. I went and read the post Maria, and have pondered it much. True, we all are a lot like Paul many times and in many ways. I have to tell you something which I cannot get off of my mind, after all of my pondering’s.
    Though you may see yourself as only “this” way, I see such a different soul and heart.
    I see a soul and heart of Ruth, who would help anyone in their time of need. I see a heart and soul of Hannah who would dedicate all they own to God. I see a heart and soul of the Blessed Mother, who would walk miles up and down a bumpy road, before she would ever tell God, “No.”
    I see a soul and heart of David, who would strive daily to be a “daughter after God’s own heart.”
    I see a soul and heart, which Jesus lives in. Though these two struggle against the flesh and sin, somehow the love of Christ, always seems to shine through.

    Oh yes, Maria, I see Jesus living in you, in many ways. That dear friend outweighs all the other, to which you see in yourself, to me. In fact, it is your love for God and others, which bears so much weight with me, and with God. I will never sell you short on those things.
    Have a Happy New Year! Love and God bless, SR


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