Comparing Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity

Psalm 119:130


The entrance of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple.

Though I’m a former Catholic, I haven’t gone to Proclaiming the Truth, Mike Gendron’s ministry, for learning resources. That will probably change. This morning my husband and I watched this extremely helpful video.


17 thoughts on “Comparing Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity

  1. Thanks for posting this, Maria. I have previously seen this good video. As he relates here, there are two facets to Gendron’s ministry; reaching out to Roman Catholics with the Gospel and having to counter the ecumenical damage of “big name” evangelicals who have embraced Rome like Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, and Bill Bright. I imagine that much of the opposition to his ministry comes from evangelical pastors, the very people who should be supporting him.

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  2. After the Exile, the succession seems to have been, at first, in a direct line from father to son; but later the *civil authorities* arrogated to themselves the right of appointment.*
    *Read this as ROMAN CIVIL AUTHORITIES–not the church.*
    Antiochus IV Epiphanes for instance, deposed Onias III in favor of Jason, who was followed by Menelaus. Herod the Great [died 4 BC] nominated no less than six high priests; Archelaus [died 4 AD], two. The Roman legate Quirinius [died 21 AD] and his successors exercised the right of appointment, as did Agrippa I [died 44 AD], Herod of Chalcis [died 48 AD], and Agrippa II . Even the people occasionally elected candidates to the office. The high priests before the Exile were, it seems, appointed for life…
    I would challenge anyone to prove the RCC was actually a religious body before 1100 AD. Everywhere I read, the *Roman Government* itself was the one appointing High Priests and Bishops over each area. Note: Contrary to the decree laid out in Scripture, there was only *one Bishop* in an area–certainly not a biblical pattern.

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      • They claim the earlier dates, but they have no proof. I do not think it is up to me to prove or disprove their claims. It is up to them to give *first hand witnesses* to their claims and they simply cannot.


        • Beth, in studying this topic I’ve found the date to be much earlier, between the fourth and seventh centuries, when imperial power was removed from Rome to Constantinople and papal power at last replaced it. I was just wondering why you date the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church so late. The establishment and recognition of papal power led into the Dark Ages. Where have you learned a later date? I simply wish to know who teaches this.


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