Come home! Rome calls out to her daughters

For those of us who won’t or truly can’t read this book, here it is in a nutshell. Thank you, Tom!


Catholics and Protestants: What We Can Learn From Each Other
By Peter Kreeft
Ignatius Press, 2017, 204 pages

Peter Kreeft is one of Roman Catholicism’s most prolific apologists. When the new, young pastor of the Southern Baptist church we used to attend cited Kreeft as one of his favorite philosophers from the pulpit a couple of years ago, I knew it was time for us to leave.

In this new book, Kreeft makes an appeal in simple, everyday language to non-academic evangelicals to unite with Rome. In Catholic parlance, “unity” always means returning to the authority of the Vatican and to the Catholic sacraments and liturgical worship.

Kreeft contends that the Reformation’s main debate over the issue of justification was resolved with the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification between Rome and Lutherans in 1999 so therefore evangelicals have no good reason for remaining outside of Catholicism. Not so…

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10 thoughts on “Come home! Rome calls out to her daughters

  1. Very interesting, Maria. Thank you for posting this information. Now, I’ve got two posts on my blog that I need to make additional comments on. There is this one about a book that Peter Kreeft wrote:
    It is an interesting book though it is fantasy.
    Then there is this post:
    I’m not so sure that anyone should read it now. My trust in the author Eric Metaxas continues to wane after he has written a glowing assessment of the book you are highlighting here. I was always concerned that Timothy Keller wrote the forward to that book. He’s another intellectual whose theology is very questionable. Now I wonder how much of the Bonhoeffer book is accurate.
    I will go back and link to this post of yours on both of my posts and explain the problems I now have with Kreeft and Metaxas.
    I hope all is well. I’ve been very busy of late…”good” busy.
    God’s blessings….

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