Evangelical lingo – what’s in a name?



Image courtesy of Pulpit & Pen

This word was new to me. It’s a word that speaks volumes:


I came across it in a timely article by Jeff Maples at Pulpit & Pen. Go there to read this important and informative post.


Together2016, Ann Voskamp Declare Scripture Insufficient

70 thoughts on “Evangelical lingo – what’s in a name?

  1. Thank you Maria for this vital and informative post. It is truly saddening that so many people are trading in the character of God (as revealed by His word) for a spiritual “experience” which could well be demonic.

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  2. How I pray that these goofy women would get out of the pulpits and beseech the Lord to give them a meek and quiet spirit. Most of the cults have been started by these foolish females – going all the way back to Nimrod’s wife. And Mormonism was started by Joseph Smith – who was a sexual addict. So, women were also the focus there. Jehovah’s Witnesses were started by Charles Russell Haze – they were first called Russellites. But, not many know that he began as a Seventh Day Adventist – whose founder was the wacky Ellen G. White. And Christian Scientists were started by the pathological Mary Baker Eddy.

    Also – goddess worship is growing by leaps and bounds. One of our presidential candidates – Hilary Clinton – is a goddess worshiper, and consults a familiar spirit. Many prominent women, including Michelle Obama, have feminized our Almighty Creator and relegated Him and the men he has placed us over to emotional wimps. Michelle Obama, the woman who is supposed to be an example to all women in the United States – is under the sway of the evil one. There can be no doubt about that. And although my daughters are past the draft age – I am terrified for all the young women out there, who are at draft age. Terrified. Lord God Almighty – protect our daughters from the evil one and his agenda!


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  3. I’m saddened by all of these so-called evangelicals who lend their support to an ecumenical event that embraces works-righteous Catholicism. But none of the names of individuals or associations on the program surprise me. They’ve already been outspoken about their ecumenism.

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  4. Also, Maria, we all see how “experiences” and “feelings” trump God’s Word among “evangelicals.” Cotton candy christianity is the way it is, as exemplified by a lot of what I see here at WordPress. Thanks.

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  5. Did I see the name, Josh McDowell? Michael W. Smith? I can understand musical groups not understanding the implications of being at such an event, but Josh McDowell? I guess he never claimed to be a theologian, only and apologist. I really liked his book, Evidence that Demands a Verdict. This is not good.

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    • Chris, yes – both these men are scheduled to attend. McDowell’s Evidence book was helpful to us as young Christians. As you know, he included excerpts from older apologists that helped me realize that the same types of battles had been fought in the past. I wish he wouldn’t attend. I pray that they have poor attendance. Let’s see what the Lord will do. May He bring His children out!

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      • Amen. Mr. McDowell has been very good, from what I can tell, on the issue of sexuality. I’ve heard him speak Biblical truth about it towards young people. Maybe he’ll hear some of this lingo and figure it out. Perhaps one of us should try to contact him and warn him. In fact, I have some time tomorrow. I’ll look for a website where I can voice my concerns to him. Do you mind if I put a link to this article? We are all slow in certain ways. It is why we need each other. 🙂 I got a good suggestion from an atheist tonight. God works in mysterious ways.

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        • Chris, okay. After looking at his website and reading about him this a.m., I’m not hopeful that you can contact him directly or that he will listen – certainly I may be wrong. Big names with big ministries are kind of out of reach and I don’t believe they are accountable to anyone. He still seems to be associated with Campus Crusade. His official website seemed to be a place for buying things. As you see I’m a pessimist when it comes to “Chrislebrities”. Let us know where you contact him. His Blogger bio page showed that you can possibly get to his email addy but only if you have a Blogger account yourself.

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        • He gets way too many emails. I’ll post my thoughts on any webpage that I may find where others can also see my complaint and maybe question him as well.

          He is still connected to Campus Crusade?

          Oh my!

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        • I understand, Maria. I haven’t started looking for a site yet and I can’t look real hard. But if somewhere obvious pops up, I’ll leave a message and let you know where it is.

          If he is still working with Campus Crusade I am surprised. They have done many ungodly things, if I have heard correctly, over the years.

          Here is a man who became a strong Christian after being a skeptic. He was an influence on thousands and perhaps millions. He influenced me with his apologetic books. He is very smart and still can’t see what he is connected to.

          It is sad.

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        • I left this letter on Josh McDowell”s facebook page in the hopes that he himself will see it and that it won’t get lost in the shuffle.

          Maybe he will read It:

          Dear Josh,

          I haven’t read about you much for years, but I ran across your name connected with an upcoming conference.

          I will tell you that your book, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, had a big impact on me as a young Christian. I particularly liked the section on prophecy and used it as an evangelistic tool.

          I must say, after all these years that I am concerned about you. Maybe you can clear things up for me. Someone informed me that you were still working with Campus Crusade for Christ which now goes by another name.

          Please read the following post as I think it is important:


          In regards to Campus Crusade/Power to Change, I have the same concerns as this post about the direction that organization has taken:


          Maybe your affiliation with Power to Change is no longer intact. If it is, however, I am very concerned that a man with your popularity is lending credibility to such teachings by association.

          I pray for God to bless you and your family…

          Chris Reimers

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        • I think there were 50 or so similar articles, I only picked on of the top ones. Thank you for your kind words. I hope he reads it and replies but I will not get my hopes up too much. I hope he has heard this same thing from many concerned believers.
          I hope he doesn’t have handlers like the politicians with whom I have been dealing. I hope he is being informed honestly about what is appearing on his own fb site. I really like Josh McDowell and I sincerely hope that this man who has done wonderful things isn’t lending credibility to Contemplative Prayer.
          God’s blessings my dear sister in Christ…

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        • Yes, and if he decided not to attend this conference, he could send a message. He only has to see the problem first if he hasn’t already. Have asked God to help him see. 🙂

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  6. Things like this are a reason why I no longer attend church, although I look at it more like “the church” has left me. I admit that this may be wrong of me, but I cannot attend churches where God is placed in any way dependent on man and that’s pretty much all there is anymore.

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    • Clarence, we don’t want things to be like this but find ourselves in the same position and attend worship rarely. Remember you demonstrated from Hebrews 10 that forsaking the assembling is perilous in the sense of ultimately apostasizing. What do we do? My husband asked me to address this to you from both of us. I appreciate your honesty and know this must be sad and difficult for you, as your words reflect a sense of abandonment.
      The hour is late here. Write us here or at my email: mttatham1 at gmail dot com.
      Lord bless you and your loved ones! We will pray,
      Tom and Maria

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      • Thank you, Maria, I may do that. Perhaps I do feel “abandoned,” but at the same time, I believe that “the church,” by and large, has abandoned God and is following “Chrislebrities” (what a terrible word). Even many of those who profess to believe and preach the Bible ultimately reduce God to little more than a humble supplicant at the throne of man’s will. As for Hebrews 10, yes, it is a solemn thing to separate from the professed people of God and I’m aware of the danger. But, “how can two walk together except they be agreed?” The blog is my way of “keeping in touch,” if I can put it like that, as well as having some “ministry,” and brothers and sisters like you and a few others are the ones I have “fellowship” with around the word. You mentioned that you and your husband rarely attend worship and asked what to do about it. I think our Lord anticipated something like this when He said, “Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.” Perhaps if you can’t worship “corporately,” you can worship in your home, though that’s probably not the same as being able to lift our hearts in worship with others, and you may do that already. Elsewhere, He described His people as a “little flock.” I wish we were closer together.
        I don’t know if this helps any, but thank you for your comments and your encouragement God abundantly bless you and yours, Maria.
        Grateful for grace,

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        • Thank you, Clarence! We would be glad to hear from you.
          In The Pilgrim Church, the author demonstrates from history how the Church has always been a remnant, the Lord’s little flock. Always His little flock suffers for loving and desiring to live according to His Word in the New Testament pattern, experiences times of relief, assimilation and corruption, revival, and being called out again. Tozer spoke about how the Lord’s blessing is always prayed for in assemblies and meetings and then He is ignored.

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        • Speaking of “prayer” in the church, I remember Spurgeon commenting on the early days of his ministry to the effect that the presence of God was so profound in the assembly that he felt compelled to let the people go without saying a word.

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        • Things happen to Christians, such as Spurgeon, so that other Christians will be comforted too – it’s been so long since then but knowing this helps us. Thank you, Clarence!

          The Toledo Gospel Tabernacle hosted the president of the Christian Missionary Alliance in the 1980s. He spoke of his work in India but especially of the Lord’s chastening when he neglected to preach about the Second Coming. I never forgot the sense of holiness as he spoke – not his but of the Spirit who had done His work of sanctification.

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  7. Hi Maria,

    I’ve watched a few of the commercials about the Together 2016 event. It has been stated that the Pope will not be there in person but only on video tape. Because of this, I think the goal of 1 million attending is unrealistic. It looks like Michael W. Smith and Josh McDowell will be at the event. Also, a picture was shown of the young man, who was “inspired” to put this event together, with an aging Billy Graham. It was stated that Mr. Graham was for such a meeting.

    The name of Jesus is mentioned in it but there is no gospel message that I can see. It is as strange mix of people. Hopefully, there will be some video after the event, of Josh McDowell and Michael W. Smith. I would like to watch them.. Ravi Zacharias will also be there. He spoke at the Mormon tabernacle back in 2014 as far as I can tell. I don’t know why I ever thought he was solid. I never knew much about him.

    I may have time to watch this today:

    I have started it an Mr. Zacharias seems very welcome there.

    God’s blessings…

    Just some thoughts.

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    • Hi, Chris! today has been busy. Sorry I’m late in replying though you and Elizabeth got a chance to talk and that is a good thing.
      You’re right, it is important to follow up on this event by watching some of the videos. It may be livestreamed somewhere too. The Gospel is never central in these kinds of events – unity in “faith” and the wellbeing of our nation are at the center.
      I’ll watch some of Ravi Zacharias – my husband was shocked to learn of his ecumenism, me too. At first I was angry when he was invited to pray at a National Day of Prayer a few years ago, believing that those who invited him caused him to stumble by not praying in Jesus’ name, not so sure now. For other events show that at the least he lacks discernment. I will watch some of the Mormon Tabernacle presentation and see what can be seen. Glenn Beck seems to have been a kind of evangelical – Mormon bridge because of his radio show and patriotism. Perhaps he opened a door…
      I was glad for “Just some thoughts” from you, my brother!

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      • I’m so glad I saw the article here that mentioned this upcoming “thing” in D.C. I have watched the ads for it. They are done to bring in as wide an audience as possible. The name of Jesus will be “used” in the way your husband has discovered. I would link you to one of the commercials but if people want to look for them they can find them. I don’t want to give it exposure before the event, but afterwards I will definitely put up a blog post or two about what I can find about this event. I wonder how good a job of advertising they have done. I know I hadn’t heard of it before I came here only to Josh McDowell’s name on the same list as this “Love God” lady. I think I will be quiet about this event now until it is over. I don’t want to give it any press whatsoever.

        My latest blog post has some commentary about this video. You may want to check that out. It is my opinion of this video. I’ve not really followed Ravi before, but his is on my radar now, bigtime.
        God’s blessings, Maria.

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  8. Hi Maria,


    I have watched about half of the above video and there is no scripture, only quotations of authors and the discussion of “absolutes.” I’ll finish but so far it is disappointing.


    Here is what I got back from the Josh McDowell camp. He must know this is being sent out. It is a sad statement:

    “First of all, thank you for writing to us about your concerns regarding Josh’s involvement in Together 2016. This event has been on Josh’s schedule for months. The event is a call for people to come together in unified prayer and worship with a call for catalytic change. The central theme is that Jesus can change everything, including broken people in a broken world. It ultimately will point people to Jesus.
    It appears that the addition of a short video greeting from the Pope was just added to the schedule. As you are probably aware, there are many speakers, authors, and bands attending this event. We are honored to be a small part of this historic gathering of believers to worship and pray as one body. Please join us in prayer that God would use this gathering to turn the nation back to Him.”

    I hope you have a blessed day, Maria.

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    • I don’t care what this is “about” I don’t believe we are evenly “yoked” where the pope is. They look at him as a “leader”. I look at the LORD as my Leader…my Shepherd. You did the right thing, Chris.

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    • Chris, I’m going to bold the reply you received from the Josh McDowell camp. Thank you for your kindly hoping a blessing for my day – it was blessed and unusual. Am trying to be more diligent. Because of pain and laziness, my efforts aren’t the best and I’m seeking the Lord about this.


      • I’m sorry to hear of your pain, Maria. I will pray for you about this. All we can do is our best. Sometimes that means that we must rest to be ready for what is next. I don’t see you as a lazy person. Seeking the Lord is the best thing. Matt. 6:33 has always been a favorite of mine.

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  9. Actually, I made a mistake above. I thought I had heard half but I was only 15 minutes in. It seemed like an hour. Now, I am 22 minutes in a quite a bit of scripture is mentioned. But, nothing about Joseph Smith claiming to be a prophet, yet.

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