Confession of Sin, Illustrated from Court Cases

What does repentance look like?

Scripture Thoughts

Understanding the Christian worldview through looking at contemporary events is often helpful, providing good application of Bible truth to the “real world”– as observed from time to time in Christian blog topics.  While reading a recent Spurgeon sermon, number 641 (from July 1865), I was reminded of a Pyromaniacs blog post on this same topic a few years ago:  relating “real world” news events to Christian doctrine, through a look at high profile news cases of criminals and their confessions.  The Pyromaniacs post considered a few issues in reference to the rape/murder confession of John Gardner III in California a few years ago.  Spurgeon in 1865 included two news events of criminal cases in a sermon that contrasted the two very different confessions as “types” of two types of people in their attitude of repentance and confession before God.

The first example noted by Spurgeon is the type we…

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4 thoughts on “Confession of Sin, Illustrated from Court Cases

  1. Very interesting Maria. along those lines, I watched a video a few years ago that was filmed during the trial of the infamous “Green River Killer”. Families were allowed, and did,… curse and berate the killer for killing their loved ones. Then one lone father stood and looked at the accused, and told him that he forgave him for the killing of his daughter. At that point, the accused murderer, for the first time, showed emotion and began to weep and break down. To me, there was that interaction between the guilty man and the Christian love of the Lord Jesus Christ in someone, that broke down the barriers of unrepentance and the possibility of a man being touched by the love of God in an act of true forgiveness. The accused killer was left with no defenses in that one moment of time.

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    • Scarlett, this is the other aspect of forgiveness for our sins – receiving forgiveness from those we harm. This man’s forgiveness of his daughter’s murder is such a great testimony to the Lord’s love and the reality of His love in us. What a wonderful thing to happen! Praise Him!
      Hope you are well, sister!

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