Long ago I prayed for this

Luke 18:1

And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;


A child’s desire

As a child – as many children probably do – I prayed for a puppy. At the time my Mother was working full-time, and we were living with my elderly Grandmother, so having a dog wasn’t possible. At that time, too, I didn’t know the Lord Jesus – I was His enemy. Years later, having come to Him for forgiveness and life, and having become a dog owner, I remembered this prayer. How faithful God was in answering a fatherless little girl at the right time, saving her from sin and death, and becoming her Heavenly Father!


A prayer of greater significance

As a former Catholic whose maternal grandparents were from Italy, and who had never met an Italian who wasn’t Catholic, I once asked the Lord to teach me about His Church there. I researched this, but couldn’t discover much. Later, while studying current events in light of Biblical prophecy, I learned about the Waldenses (Valdesi) of Piedmont and Calabria. Here is what J.A. Wylie wrote about them in The History of The Waldenses (1860):

Behind this rampart of mountains, which Providence, forseeing the approach of evil days, would almost seem to have reared on purpose, did the remnant of the early apostolic Church of Italy kindle their lamp, and here did that lamp continue to burn all through the long night which descended on Christendom. 

When we wonder why He hasn’t answered us, we should continue to ask, and wait in expectation. However, we should be sure that our prayer was according to His revealed will. If it was, we will never be disappointed.


God’s answers

Long ago I prayed, 

the answer came today,

He is Sovereign over all,

things both great and small.

3 thoughts on “Long ago I prayed for this

  1. I so understand what you are talking about here. The number of times I have prayed and had those prayers answered many years later. Or even heard from God on some small matter and forgotten what He said until many years later and He reminds me that His word will never return to Him void. One small example…

    Around 1982 I was in a bible school training to be what I thought was a missionary. I thought God told me to leave university and become a missionary, so my pastor’s wife told me bible school was the next step. I never questioned her judgement. Nor did I question the voice that told me to ‘become a missionary’. It wasn’t from God. But God still had his hand on me. The whole student body went on a missions trip to Thailand that year, and I really thought God wanted me to go with them, but the money never came. There were only two of us who didn’t go, me and another young woman. We stood at the airport terminal waving good-bye as everyone else got on the plane, and we stood there feeling melancholy. God quietly spoke to me, definitely God this time, and said as I gazed at the arrivals and departures board “one day you will get on a plane to New Zealand and you will be going alone”. In fact, the words themselves were not clear, it was just the idea of it. Like most times when God really does talk to me, I forgot all about it.

    March 1989, I was standing at that same airport, getting on an airplane at a quarter to midnight, by myself flying to Christchurch New Zealand to be with my fiancee Steve. It was my first time going overseas. I remembered what He told me all those years ago. It was God who spoke, and God who fulfilled his word. Amazing. Something so small, yet God speaks in that still small voice so many times. And we just forget because our minds can’t contain the eternal until they are renewed by Him.

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    • Anita, not such a “small example”!

      What you’ve shared hits home. Truly hearing from the Lord is an area I’ve been working on. We know we have His Spirit and His Word, His anointing, but how does all of this happen authentically.

      What happened I think is that for many years I’ve been so afraid that He would ask some impossible thing of me that I’ve hesitated to hear from Him. As a result I don’t think I’ve been as sensitive to that still small voice. My early Christian nurture was in a church that did ask impossible things. It was a church plant of Christian Missionary Alliance, and all of us members were baby Christians. Once, during a visit from an indigenous missionary to Malaysia or Indonesia (forget which), the missionary spoke about his prayer list – it had several hundred names on it. This kind of thing was held up as an ideal to strive for, instead of teaching us simplicity of devotion to Christ.

      Lots of time has passed, and I’ve walked with the Lord and I’ve stumbled, changed churches more than once too – sometimes gone my own way. Now, I’m trying to just stay with Him on the narrow way that leads to life. Somewhat pentecostal, somewhat reformed, somewhat baptist, still a little alliance, I’ve been working out my salvation with fear and trembling, trying to learn to walk by faith – in simple trust.

      My hope is that we will pray for each other?

      God bless your Saturday!


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